About Us

12311212_10153130268702187_5578955378939748789_nWe’re Emilie and Alessandra, two international students college graduates from Canada and Peru respectively. We moved to Nashville, Tennessee in August of 2012 to study Music Business at Belmont University. After awkwardly meeting via Tumblr, we formally met during our first Honors class our freshman year and have been inseparable since.

After three years of complaining about how hard life was for international students in the US, we realized our college experience would have been a lot easier if we would have had more resources and someone or something to help us figure this craziness out. From getting our drivers licenses to our Social Security Numbers to getting our first real jobs and filing for taxes, we’ve been through it all and with parents who know nothing about the American system, we had to figure it all out on our own.

So now, we bring you The Immigrant Files, a pseudo guide with a little bit of humor and a little bit of fun. We hope to answer some of your questions, doubts and anxieties so you can put your energy into studying and killing it at this American thing. We can’t promise we know everything, but we think we’ve got this American college experience semi covered.

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