Back To School Survival Guide

You’ve had an amazing summer. Whether you went back home or stayed in the US to work or intern, all good things must come to an end. As you begin to prepare for the start of a brand new school year, it is very easy to forget some of the essentials. Do not worry. We’ve got you.

Know your schedule. This sounds kind of obvious but since you probably picked your schedule before summer break, you may not remember where you need to be and when. Having a system for your class schedule that works for you is key. Whether you keep everything on your calendar or print out a copy of your schedule, make sure you’re prepared for your first week of school and all the proper alarms are set. Also, it’s useful to know which buildings and rooms your classes are in to avoid any awkward moments walking into the wrong classroom.

Make sure you (or your parents) have paid the semester’s tuition in full. You’d be surprised how common it is for accounting to have its glitches. You don’t want the embarrassment of being called into the Financial Aid office on the first day of school because your merit scholarship was taken away at the last minute and now you’re a couple thousand dollars short (ugh, true story).

Create reminders for all assignments, projects and tests. Most professors will release the syllabus for their class before school starts. If this is the case, this is the perfect time to write down all due dates and make sure you’re on top of things. There are amazing apps available, like MyHomework App that serves this exact purpose.

Get all the back to school supplies you need. Make sure you’ve taken a trip to your local Target for all of the essentials: notebooks, pens, 2B pencils, etc. It’s easy to get caught up buying new things for a new dorm room or apartment that you forget that the whole reason you’re here is to go to school. Be prepared.

Plan on joining some students organizations. This is the best way to meet like-minded students with similar interests than yours. Most organizations will open applications right when the semester starts so being prepared in advance is key to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines. Update your resume and start narrowing down your top choices.

Set goals. New beginnings provide the best opportunity to evaluate your current goals and set some new ones. Make sure you make them well-rounded and balanced. It should not all be about school! Are there any new places in town you want to go to? Trips you want to take? Any fitness milestones you want to reach? Write it all down.


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