Our Favorite Apps For International Students

Mobile apps can be overwhelming. You’ve got an app for everything and anything it seems like these days! As an international student, finding the best apps that fit your unique lifestyle is crucial. From long distance calls with your family, to keeping track of your homework, to getting the words just right for that English paper (which is not your native language…), having the right tools will make all the difference. These are our favorite apps that got us through these crazy four years (and some that we still use to this day).

Whatsapp. Not everyone has an unlimited texting plan and not everyone has an iPhone with free iMessage and FaceTime. Whatsapp solves this problem. You can text, call, or video call anyone you want – using WiFi or data, no international fees! Beware of the group chats though…they spread like the plague.

MyHomework App. As soon as you get the syllabi for your classes, enter all of your assignments, projects, and exams into this app. You can set reminders, cross off tasks once they’re completed, and manage all of your deadlines from your phone. It’s a true life saver.

Spotify. Because even though you weren’t super into reggaeton when you lived at home, you will miss it. And something about Shakira from 1998 will bring back your fondest memories. But also you just want to jam to the new Niall Horan track on weekends.

Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus. If English is not your first language (and even if it is!) finding the right word at the right time can be a challenge. If you want to impress your professors with your extensive vocabulary, this app is for you.

Skyscanner. Sometimes you will miss home and on a whim, decide to go home for Thanksgiving break. This app helps you find and book cheap flights. You can even set price alerts so you will know when there’s a bargain.

Instagram. Your life is so cool, you must document it for the world to see.

Facebook. Because your grandma deserves to stay in touch you with too.

Evernote. A note-taking app that allows you to organize your notes by notebook. Perfect if you prefer to take notes on your laptop in class but want to have them accessible on your phone too.

Wunderlist. To keep all your to-do’s in order.

Mint. To keep track of your finances (or lack thereof).

Venmo. The best invention of all time. This app allows you to send money to your friends. Whether you need to pay them back for those concert tickets or they owe you $10 from that beer run, Venmo makes money transfers quick, easy and, seamless.

Converter+. For some reason, America decided to mess with the metric system and create their own. We have no idea what feet, inches, or pounds mean and if it’s 30 degrees outside we think it’s freezing (because we think in Celsius like the rest of the world…) Regardless, you can’t change the way things are done here so to avoid confusion, this app will allow you to quickly convert any form of measurement you need.


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