Five Fun American Fall Activities To Try This Year

The weather is finally cooling down which means we’re all getting in the spirit of Fall. If you grew up in a country without all four seasons (like one of us did), experiencing the wonders of Fall may be new to you.  This magical season full of pumpkin spiced everything and crisp weather comes with super fun activities you can’t miss out on.

Pumpkin Picking. This is a Fall staple. Americans go to a pumpkin patch which is essentially a farm full of pumpkins in order to choose and purchase their favorite one. Most pumpkin patches will have additional activities such as pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, corn mazes, hayrides, and more.

Haunted House. This is not for everyone but if you’re into spooky things, what best way to get into the spirit of Halloween than to go to a Haunted House.

Go To A Festival. Fall is full of random festivals. From Apple Festivals to Pumpkin Festivals to Beer & Wine Festivals, your college town or city is probably having at least one. The best part – most of these are free! It’s a great opportunity to get outside, eat some good food and drink some good drinks.

Go Hiking. It’s finally chilly enough to exercise outside so what better way to start you Saturday or Sunday morning than by going to a local park and hiking a trail. Plus, you can reward yourself after with a PSL (“Pumpkin Spice Latte” but we hope you knew this already) from Starbucks.

Rent A Cabin. We know this sounds expensive but it’s actually not! At least in Tennessee, you can rent a cabin for 20 people for as little as $35 per night. Fall is the perfect time for a getaway in the mountains so get your friends together for a fun weekend surrounded by nature.

Go To A Football Game. This list would not be complete without the most American experience of all. We’re pretty sure it’s scientifically proven that every single American town has a football team so finding a game (college or NFL) to go to should not be hard. If you want to make it extra American, go tailgating first. For those of you who don’t know, tailgating is basically when a bunch of people park their cars in the lot of a stadium, drink beer and grill hot dogs. We still don’t understand the full purpose of it but it’s fun and you get to drink before you’re forced to pay $12 for a beer (maybe that’s the purpose of it…)

Winter is coming so get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while you can!

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