How To Balance It All As An International Student

College can be incredibly overwhelming. From studying, to making new friends, to trying to stay healthy – there is a lot going on in a college student’s life at all times. When you add being from a completely different culture and sometimes even doing this all in a different language, college can quickly turn you […]

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Filing Your Tax Returns As An International Student (2018 Edition)

If you see American adults freaking out in the months leading up to April, and you have no idea what’s going on, it’s probably tax season. If you’re a student from a foreign country (which we assume you are since you’re reading this blog) then you probably have a lot of questions. Do I have to file […]

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Dealing With Homesickness As An International Student

Moving away from home is extremely difficult. You can’t help but miss your culture, your food, your family, your friends, and your home. But once classes start and the newness of it all kicks in, the daily grind becomes fun and little by little you feel like you start fitting in. And then suddenly, when […]

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Should I Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

Attorneys can be very expensive. With hourly rates ranging from $150-500+ per hour, most international students are scared to even schedule an initial consultation with an attorney to help them explore their immigration options. But, when you’re at a crossroads in trying to determine how to remain in legal status, hiring a lawyer might be […]

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The International Student’s Guide To Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Unless you used to live under a rock, you were aware of Thanksgiving Day way before moving to America. You’ve seen the TV show episodes (who could ever forget the iconic turkey head in Friends?), watched the viral videos of people going crazy on Black Friday, and followed your favorite celebrities as they performed on […]

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How To Win Friends & Influence People…As an International Student In America

Moving thousands of miles away from your friends can be hard. Making the effort to make new friends in a brand new country is even harder. Where do you even start? Well, the best part of coming to the US for college is that everybody is on the same boat. Unless they’re going to school […]

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Our Favorite Apps For International Students

Mobile apps can be overwhelming. You’ve got an app for everything and anything it seems like these days! As an international student, finding the best apps that fit your unique lifestyle is crucial. From long distance calls with your family, to keeping track of your homework, to getting the words just right for that English […]

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